Announcement re SMSF Audit Independence

Are you ready for APESB changes?

Significant changes have been introduced by the (APESB) about the limitation of services an SMSF Auditor can provide. The APES 110 guide states that “An SMSF Auditor cannot conduct an Audit on a set of Special Purpose Financial Statements where the auditor, staff for the auditor or staff of the firm have prepared the Financial Statements for that SMSF“. Meaning that several firms that conduct audits in-house may require significant changes to their business models.

We make it easy for you to beat the deadline


We are here to support your accounting firm to meet the 1 July 2021 deadline for SMSF audit independence.

We offer customised cloud-based solutions to increase your efficiencies and provide a real-time online dashboard to manage your funds.

We engage collaboratively with our partners, enhancing or improving their processes to ensure a smooth transition.

The security of your business credentials is important to us

Our clients’ work is carried out locally within Australia, supporting our local community and talented colleagues.

We never outsource your personal information to an offshore agency.

We provide audit services only

NO non-assurance services

NO self-interest threats to independence

NO familiarity threats to independence


Reliance Auditing Services is a specialist independent auditing services firm providing quality audits to SMSFs, companies, not-for-profits and AFS licensees all over Australia. Reliance Auditing places a huge emphasis on educating our clients to ensure they fulfil their reporting obligations.

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