Reliable, open and transparent dealings with all our clients

  • 100% Australian owned firm, all work performed in Australia
  • Complete audit independence, giving you peace of mind
  • Step by step SMSF compliance solutions
  • Exceptional independent external audit and assurance services


At Reliance Auditing Services, we work closely with all professional accounting bodies in relation to the requirements and standards relevant to SMSF audits to recognise and adopt best practices.


At Reliance Auditing Services, we specialise in providing exceptional independent external audit and assurance service. We aim to create a unique and edifying experience for our clients built on trust.

Reliance Auditing Services specialises in audit of self-managed superannuation funds.

Reliance Auditing Services is a specialist auditing services firm with offices in Perth and Melbourne, Australia.

As a registered company auditor and an SMSF accredited auditor, Reliance Auditing Services possess the required capabilities and competencies to conduct a compliance audit of an SMSF, including full knowledge and application of the relevant legislation.

  • We offer over 20 years’ experience in audit and assurance services.
  • Our auditors are specialised in SMSF and current on latest legislation changes.
  • All work is performed in Australia by locally qualified CAs and CPAs.
  • We are QA (Quality Assurance) approved service providers by the Australian Taxation office.

We believe in providing our clients with the highest level of service by assigning the right people with adequate knowledge and experience.

Our audit experience extends over a wide range of businesses and organisations, including but not limited to industrial, consumer, retail and not-for-profits.

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External audit and assurance services

Our external audit team is led by a registered company auditor specialising in providing exceptional independent external audit and assurance services including:

  • Audit of financial reports: both statutory and non-statutory for:
    – Small to large companies
    – Not-for-profit organisations
    –  Managed Investment Schemes
    – Aged Care and APCS
    –  Trusts
  • Audit of Managed Investment Scheme compliance plans
  • Audit of Australian Financial Services Licence
  • Audit of recoverable outgoings
  • Audit of grant acquittals statements
  • Review engagements
  • Due diligence engagements
  • Agreed Upon procedures of engagements

Other service offering includes:

  • One-off preparation of IFRS compliant financial statements
  • Technical support
  • Accounting advice
  • Ad-hoc training of Australian Accounting Standards

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