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Our hand-picked team of qualified professionals work discretely to minimise impact on you and your business wherever possible.

We tailor our external audit service to your business’ individual needs—no cookie-cutter approaches.

Relationships are easier when there’s clear and open communication, so we make sure to be available when you need us.

Our external audit and assurance services

At Reliance, the word ‘auditing’ is more than just the work we do. We help you manage the infinite compliance and reporting challenges your business faces to ensure all stakeholders receive a quality outcome.

We take a multi-dimensional approach that ensures you get holistic results.

To achieve this, our comprehensive audit methodology addresses every element of your business’ specific requirements, ensuring you’re able to get an enterprise-wide view of risk and corporate governance.

This is more than just numbers on a page. We use our experience and industry knowledge to provide intelligent insight, empowering you to make better, more robust decisions for your business.

Our service offerings

Our specialist teams work diligently to undertake efficient, objective auditing services that take a collaborative and personalised approach. Here’s what we can deliver for your business.

Company Audits

At Reliance, we specialise in providing exceptional independent audit services that do more than just meet your statutory audit requirements. We work with you to understand the risks your business faces, and provide you with direct access to professionals who are familiar with your industry. Our comprehensive company audits include the statutory audits of:

  • Small and medium size listed public companies
  • Large or small unlisted public companies
  • Large proprietary companies
  • Companies limited by guarantee

Australian Financial Services Licence

Don’t leave it to chance: get peace of mind that your business is doing the right things. An audit of your Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) provides you with reasonable assurance on your compliance with the financial requirements of the licence, and gives you peace of mind that you’re meeting your obligations.

We also review your procedures to provide limited assurance on compliance with the Corporations Act 2001 in relation to managing any risk of having insufficient financial resources, and your compliance with the cash needs requirements.


Not-for-profit organisations can be incorporated in various forms, and can range from small local clubs to large national charities. Whether you’re a large or small NFP, we assist you in meeting your statutory requirements, including those set out by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission, relevant state or territory incorporated associations legislation, or constitutional requirements.

We also undertake audits of grant acquittal statements to ensure the reporting requirements of grantors are appropriately addressed (as outlined in the individual grant agreements).

Annual Prudential Compliance

Get a compliance audit of your Annual Prudential Compliance Statements (APCS) in relation to the terms and requirements of the Fees and Payments Principles 2014 (No.2). Each one of our compliance audits is performed in accordance with ASAE 3100 Compliance Engagements and the Department of Health.

Compliance Plan

Get complete peace of mind with a complete audit of the responsible entity’s compliance with the terms of the Compliance Plan of Managed Investment Schemes, established in accordance with the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001. These compliance audits are performed in accordance with ASAE 3100 Compliance Engagements.

Private & Public Ancillary Funds

Ancillary funds are types of charities dedicated to managing your philanthropy effectively. Private and Public Ancillary Funds have stringent compliance and financial requirements—which includes your audit. Our audit services can assist with meeting the audit requirements, and help you demonstrate you’re doing the right thing.

Review Engagements

Review engagements can be requested to provide limited assurance to the users of the financial or non-financial information. These engagements are performed in accordance with the Standards on Review Engagements.

Variable Outgoings

An audit of variable outgoings reports to the users in relation to any allocation of outgoings. These include agreements in the scope of relevant state or territory retail shops legislation, or the provisions of the tenancy agreement.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

Agreed-upon procedures report the factual findings based on the outcome of the procedures performed. These engagements are performed in accordance with ASRS 4400 Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements to Report Factual Findings.

How it works

Exceptional results don’t just happen by themselves. We create an in-depth plan for your external audit to ensure you meet your compliance obligations, and your business continues to succeed, year after year.


Tailored audit strategy

We go further to understand your business and your needs, and develop a risk-based audit strategy and plan.

Access a secure client portal

Use our secure cloud-based portal to share information and files in any document format.

Proactive communication

We stay in contact with you throughout the audit process to ensure you’re informed of any ongoing compliance and reporting matters.

Timely delivery

We deliver our work in pre-agreed timeframes, providing high quality reports and insightful findings to add value to our clients.

We measure our success by the success of our clients. If you’re winning, we’re winning.

How we work with you

Our methodology centres primarily on understanding your business. We take an all-inclusive approach to ensure we uncover and identify all relevant risks and opportunity — nothing is left to chance. Here’s how our external audit and assurance services work.

Step 1: Contact us

Get in touch with us either by phone or email to book your free consultation session.

Step 2: Consultation

We meet with you to discuss your external audit and assurance needs, identify any gaps, and discuss a way forward.

Step 3: Plan

We create a comprehensive external audit and assurance plan and assign the right people from our team to deliver it for you.

Step 4: Execute

Our experienced team gets to work undertaking your comprehensive external audit.

Step 5: Results

You receive your audit reports within our agreed timeframe.

We make a difference

We use Reliance Auditing Services as our default auditing provider and have done so for over 10 years.

They are very pleasant to work with, diligent and we have very good relationships with Naz and her team.

Andrew Pratt

Senior Director, LEASE EQUITY

Young Australia League Ltd (YAL) engaged Reliance Auditing Services in November 2021. As a Not-for-Profit it is vital to have auditors that understood our sector and our requirements. We have been impressed with the Reliance team in how they have taken the time to meet with us and understand our business and our processes to support us in all aspects of the audit process.

Tammy-Rae Schaper


Reliance Auditing has been auditing our company over the past 10 years.The audit is always completed in a timely and efficient manner, with staff involved and supported throughout the financial examination. Over the years, the team has remained consistent and thorough in their approach. I would have no issue recommending Reliance Auditing Services.

Ronnie Chong


We engaged Reliance Auditing Services for an audit of our AFS License. The team were extremely thorough, highly professional, and worked collaboratively with our staff and external accountants. They took a solutions-driven approach, ensuring it was delivered within the reporting timeframes. The deliverables provided to our Board of Directors was of a very high standard, and extremely detailed.

Rod Fitzgerald

Managing Director, SRG

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