Section 17B of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 defines the circumstances under which the trustees can be remunerated for their services

Remuneration for any duties or services performed by a trustee/director of a body corporate of a fund can be paid, only if:

  1. the trustee/director performs the duties or services other than in the capacity of trustee/director; and
  2. the trustee/director is appropriately qualified, and holds all necessary licences, to perform the duties or services; and
  3. the trustee/director performs the duties or services in the ordinary course of a business, carried on by the trustee/director, of performing similar duties or services for the public; and
  4. the remuneration is no more favourable to the trustee/director than that which it is reasonable to expect would apply if the trustee/director were dealing with the relevant other party at arm’s length in the same circumstances.